Princess and round women engagement ring
This ring has amazing features! Like the center, the center for this specific ring can be any shape and size! Another good feature with this ring is the side stones for this ring are about 0.20ct each! We can also make your ring #Yellow #White #Rose #gold oh wazit even […]

Princess and round women engagement ring 1.85CT

From the 70s to the 90s even in today’s generation there is only one thing a women will always love. Jewellery! Just like this piece, this is amazing you can even pass it down. Here is the direct link to this item Watch this video of Women best friend 0.75CT […]

Women best friend 0.75CT round diamonds engagement ring for awesome ...

This ring is like the moon on a nice clear dark sky, you can see it shine the same every time. This amazing ring is in stunning 14kt yellow gold and the best part is that this center may be one of our smaller centers but it looks amazing with […]

stunning 1.65CT diamonds engagement ring

This stunning 1.00ct center looks amazing with the two 0.35ct #princess accent #diamonds by the center. What we love about this #ring is that it is 100% #natural diamonds all for a #factory cost! Hey don’t forget those smaller #round diamonds that make this ring just look complete. With the […]

1.85CT Diamonds Three stone ring with side stones

There are many shapes and sizes of every diamond. But the only one called princess makes that special girl feel like one. This lovely ring is best fitted to your princess. This ring has a 0.80 PRINCESS center and 1.75 total weight in small PRINCESS stones…. Does this give you […]

Video of beautiful 2.25CT diamond rings bridal set

1.50CT yellow gold diamond men's ring
          This stunning 1.50ct G-H round diamonds looks absolutely amazing with this 14kt yellow gold ring! The best part is if you and your spouse like this ring you can get an exact match for them. This one is specific is the men’s ring which is […]

Amazing yellow gold men’s eternity ring

5ct diamond eternity band
Four rows for more diamonds! This is an amazing eternity ring. Look at each diamond how they shine! This is like 4 eternities for the price of one. How can you miss out on this amazing deal. And there is more we are a factory so we have a very […]

diamond eternity band 5 ct

Opposites attract so well that even these two, #round and #ascher cut, make a perfect team for you or your loved one. Best part is that it is in #rose #gold which we are now starting to see is coming back into everyone’s day to day #style. Let these pair […]

Earrings and engagement rings that goes together

Oh la la, This ring has a lovely brilliant G-H stones and with the 0.80 in the center is just make this even better. This princess cut center can be changed to different sizes like 0.35ct, 0.45,0.55, and of course 0.80 Place you order today and you will get it […]

1.40CT princess cut diamond engagement ring

Two tone 14KT 7 inch diamonds bracelet
Yellow and white gold are a perfect combination. Those three stones are just enough to make this bracelet amazing. The best part is the price! This bracelet is 2.00ct round cut diamonds. With a lovely feature of the bamboo-like bar. Want this bracelet don’t hesitate and get yours today! […]

Two tone 14KT 7 inch diamonds bracelet

Unique presentation of yellow gold diamond bracelet
Yellow, an old fashion color that wouldn’t go out of fashion! With lovely G-H Stones that make this bracelet stand out! Get yours now! Remember since we are a factory our prices do change with the market so our prices today might be different from tomorrow. Want the direct link […]

Unique presentation of yellow gold diamond bracelet

Is it hard to trust an online company? Do you get confused on whom to believe when reading the reviews? Do you feel uncomfortable with putting your information? Now worries we have been open for 15 years! Let’s be honest we do get a bad review from time to time […]

Tanzanite and Diamonds Three Stone Ring

2ct diamond eternity band
Take a look at this lovely Eternity ring! This ring will sparkle in rain or shine. Don’t let yourself down just because we are only available through the website doesn’t mean we have bad quality items! Look at the natural beauty this ring takes in nature. Interested in this item, […]

2.00CT diamonds eternity ring – it’s just beautiful

one carat round diamond engagement rings
Look at this luxurious ring! This ring features many unique aspects. The center has a base around it with small stones; there is two rows that lead up to the head that make this ring just absolutely stunning. This ring in particular has a 1.00ct center. Here is the direct […]

one carat round diamond engagement rings

Run as fast as the speed of light to the closest internet you can access. Go to the link bellow and make her feel happy with this amazing #Emerald #Round #Princess combo #Ring . Look how it shines with the glare of the light. It is amazing. The best part […]

5 ct emerald cut diamond ring

All of our #Bracelets , #EarRings , #Pendants , #EngagementRings and #WeddingBands travel around the world to all of the homes and houses you can imagine it going to. This lovely 2.00ct Bracelet went from the US all the way to Australia to a new home to be worn on her […]

7 inch bracelet 2.00CT diamond tennis bracelet

diamond ring with 1.65CT total carat weight
This very shiny and gorgeous ring has a 1.00ct center with 48 0.65ct around the ring. This ring has diamonds even underneath the center stone. What a pop this ring has! All of our rings shine just like this one. Also, All of our diamonds are 100% Natural so there […]

beautiful diamond ring with 1.65CT total carat weight

I can not wait to wrap this bracelet around my wrist! This bracelet is absolutely lovely. The diamonds looks like it is floating between the two bars and my favorite part about this is that fact that it is at a low factory cost. How are you beat that? Go […]

beautiful and unique 2.00CT Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This very lovely wedding band has 7 diamonds that are not down the middle like any other wedding band. This customer took advantage of our great factory prices and got an amazing deal for G-H VS1-VS2 stones! Here is the direct link for this item: You can ask one […]

beautiful and unique men’s diamonds wedding band

There are a lot of men and women who don’t want any diamonds, who want a simple band. Guess what you are in luck! Look at is luxuriant ring! This ring is in a nice Platinum metal. How can you go wrong with something simple? Want this item? Here is […]

simple and elegance men’s wedding band